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About Me:

Hi there!

I'm Angella, and I live in Ashwell with my husband Steve, and my two children Skylar and Jude.

I come from a family of animal lovers.  Over the years I have owned a variety of different animals, including Rats, Hamsters, Dogs, Cats, Gerbils, Chickens, Cockatiels, a Snake, Rabbits, Chameleons & even a Horse called Pebbles.

At present I own three rescue dogs: a Samoyed

named Nanook, and a labradoodle named Scout, and a Portuguese Water Dog named Jasper.  I also have two cats named Lily and Spider, and three chickens!

I have been working as a professional dog walker and trainer since 2014, and I am a Full Member of The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers.  For information on my training services, please visit

As you can see, I am an experienced pet lover and owner, who truly puts you and your pets wellbeing first.

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